Bowl Your Heart Out

Bring your friends & family for a day of fun or join one of our bowling leagues!


(center 4 lanes)

Only cool kids allowed for this fun new way to bowl. Hyperbowling is where bumper bowling meets pinball: hit colorful targets on the bumpers to score the most points! 

Join A Bowling League

Grab your bowling buddies because leagues are coming back! Click below to check out our upcoming bowling league schedule & join a team. 


Our Equipment

We upgraded our lanes to AMF’s newest bowling technology for quicker game play and less down time for all our players. Our state-of-the-art Besx bowling software also lets you play special games on our normal lanes, including Mad Games, YouTunes, Selfie Grids and much more!

History of Bowling

Did you know?


More than 67 million people in the United States bowl in a year. Bowling appeals to people from all walks of life. 


The earliest traces of bowling are found in an ancient Egyptian tomb from 5200 B.C. and included a stone "ball" that was rolled at nine other stone pieces. Another similar early version of bowling was the Polynesian game "ula maika."

Bowling at pins likely began in ancient Germany as a religious ceremony. From there the game moved throughout Europe and eventually to the US, with the earliest known reference to American bowling in 1818.